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If you have ambitions of becoming a serious photo-artist, this might be the perfect next step for you.

When it comes to creating great original compositions, the use of custom brushes in Photoshop (or Elements) can open up a mind-blowing range of the most incredible effects.

Pro-level effects that would otherwise be near impossible to pull off.

Think of custom brushes almost as being "stamps" you can stick on your images, but "stamps" that you can wield as you would a paint brush — which you can rotate, apply in different colors and opacities, reshape and resize, scatter or drag over the canvas, as well as use to cut artistic holes in Layer Masks or use to create gorgeous borders or grunge typography or dozens of other fascinating results.

Indeed, custom brushes are PERFECT for creating artistic effects and "grunge" effects.

Brush Workshop Sample Images Brush Workshop Sample Images

And one of the most powerful steps you can take with your work as a photo artist is to create your own entirely unique arsenal of tools with which to fashion the backgrounds, overlays, textures, and embellishments that will set your work apart ... and make it altogether more individual, more YOURS.

Trained in the proper techniques, and armed with nothing more than a few art supplies and some objects from around the house, you can create a truly amazing brush library.

And because of the craft involved, creating a stockpile of your own custom brushes like this not only makes your compositions stand out, but also makes YOU into a better artist.

There's just something incredibly satisfying about working on a canvas and bringing to it a wealth of brushes you yourself created from scratch.

And fashioning the brushes to begin with is just plain fun.

For many, creating brushes becomes almost addictive.

Brush design is a craft unto itself ... And then you are able to take the fruits of that craft and carry them into the realm of photo-art when you incorporate the resulting brushes within your digital canvases.

Why I Chose This Course (Rather Than Creating My Own)

- a note from Sebastian Michaels -

If you are already in my Fine Art Grunge Photoshop course, you've probably seen the videos I created on custom brushes in Module 3. My love of custom brushes in Photoshop is immense — and the tremendous value they can be to any photo artist can hardly be overstated.

But what I didn't really go into much was the entire art of creating your own custom brushes using various art supplies, items from around the house, and things like leaves and flower petals ...

I did give an idea of this on one page of the site, though that was mostly meant as little more than an expanded footnote. When I wrote that up, I planned on coming back to expand it later when I had more time to lay out the process in more detail.

But in the end there was a reason I didn't.

It was going to be a hell of a lot of work.

Even so, when I was designing the course, I had every intention of going back to really expand that part so I could emphasize the enhanced artistry you can accomplish if you take custom brush creation into your own hands.

But then, before I got back around to it, I came across Amanda Rockwell.

Amanda already had a course of her own prepared on precisely this subject of creating your own custom brushes for use in Photoshop (and Elements). And it was really good.

She had sixteen videos already in place (which is now up to 28!), all sorts of tutorials (14 of them), and just an amazing array of sample brushes she had made.

Now, I'm not an idiot. I realized that I could re-do what she had already done and make my own videos on creating custom brushes ... which would take me about a month ...

OR — and this seemed a heck of a lot smarter (and faster) — I could just see if she would let me sell her course as an add-on to mine.

Because brush-design really is its own area of expertise. And she had already done such a great job with it.

So what I proposed was to take all of her content and build it into a membership site platform matching what I had created for my Fine Art Grunge course. I wanted to organize it all and really make it into a complete experience so that anyone interested in creating amazing custom brushes could quickly become a capable and confident brush artist. AND I wanted to make sure I was able to arrange to get the course for all of my students at a big discount (plus even more bonus custom brushes designed by Amanda herself!)

Amanda agreed to my plan — and so that's what we did.

And looking at the end result, I'm so glad I went this way, because her training is awesome, and the whole experience is just so much fun the way she teaches it.

When you go through this training, a whole new realm of artistry is going to open up to you.

It is going to invigorate your life as an artist.

It is going to make you far more proud of your compositions, while making every aspect of your craft so much more enjoyable.

And ultimately, I believe it is going to transform your work.

So Here's What You Are Going To Get In This Workshop

Designer's Brush Workshop

This short course is going to teach you everything you need to know about creating custom brushes, textures, overlays, and backgrounds for use in Photoshop and Elements.

You can watch all of the videos and work through all of the tutorials at your own pace, trying out one project after another as you build your own arsenal of original brushes. And you will have lifetime access to all of the content, so there's no hurry to rush through the material, and you can take everything at your own pace.

The course material itself falls into three main categories, with a bunch of additional resources, images, and brushes worked in along the way ...

Brush Fundamentals

Learn how to create your own unique, amazing brushes, and how to load them into Photoshop (and Elements).

Custom Brushes

28 videos demonstrating how to use art supplies and household items to create your own amazing brushes.

Awesome Tutorials

Spark your creativity with 14 bonus tutorials covering additional techniques and approaches to brush design.

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Here are a few of the comments sent in by early students in this course ... leaving out the names for now, until we get permission from each to cite them as the authors, but these should at least give you an idea of how enthusiastically the course has been received.


"I always wanted to take my digital creations to the next level, taking Amanda's course was amazing, I was able to see a whole new world when it came to incorporating real things into the digital world. Not only does Amanda make everything so easy to understand, she is accessible, sweet as pie, and the value of her course is worth its weight in gold. I would take any of Amanda's courses in the future. I hope she has more!"

"As a complete novice when it comes to non-digital art, I found the idea using real paint and paper intimidating. But I'd found Amanda's style in her photoshop tutorials so easy to follow, that I thought I'd try, again, to see if this workshop could help. Well, it sure did!"

Phrases like 'over and above your typical brush class' come to mind because, really, I have taken several and none have been as extensive."

"I couldn't believe how easy she makes it all -- no huge list of things to buy. Using household items, she took us through step by step on how to make our own brushes. I'm thrilled to say the least. And grateful that I didn't spend money on something which couldn't help me. Thanks Amanda!"

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